By HOPE YEN – March 5, 2009

WASHINGTON (AP) — Roughly one-fourth of the nation's kindergartners are Hispanic, evidence of an accelerating trend that now will see minority children become the majority by 2023.

It is days into 2001 and the 77th Texas Legislature has just begun. One afternoon I am on the second floor standing by the rotunda when from around the rail comes a representative I’d been wanting to see. I call out to her, she stops. I introduce myself, she nods saying that she knows who I am that she heard the testimony I gave before a House committee. So I get to it, a floor vote is coming—think about the cost to the economy, the madness to round-up and deport.  MORE...

Wait in Line

By Armando Villarreal — 15 Feb 2013

President Clinton

Remarks on Presenting the Presidential Medal of Freedom September 29, 1995

Un Recuerdo

Carlos Guerra, friend, live long activist, journalist.

By Armando Villarreal — Dec 2010

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