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On May 12th, 2015, the Texas House of Representatives passed HB 3467 by 144 votes. In the Senate the bill did not receive a  committee hearing before Sine Die.

After the Session a request was submitted to House Speaker Joe Straus to name a interim study committee on HB 3467. Last November the Speaker announced his list and HB 3467 was not on his list. 

STYC members decided to conduct their own hearings calling them, Charlas.

In the next Texas legislative session in 2017 a new bill will be requested as a pilot to equip and connect certain high school in south Texas with fiber optics.iSOLbill.html

Dear State Representatives84th Texas General Legislative Session:

South Texas especially the Rio Grande Valley is growing at a rapid rate. The U.S. Census for year 2020 projects the population in Hidalgo County to exceed one million. The Texas region of counties from Nueces to Webb south is projected to reach more than 2.5 million in 2020.

Sadly this Texas is first in dropout rates and last in the opportunity lines, last in post graduate options, the list goes on. We can argue the cause, point a finger this way or that. But if this first place in the wrong places continues what good does it accomplish. We prefer first class opportunities that create genuine contributors to the economy and society.

After high school the world narrows for students interested in post graduate studies, especially for students wishing to be close to home. Many leave, few return.

We believe that live full motion video college classes ought to be available to public school students in or near their South Texas hometown. This would benefit the reach and efficiency of public services, particularly schools, with fibre optic connections.

Such a fiber optic line is a good thing for local governments, schools, businesses, and job creation much like the interstate highway system boomed change in the 1960s and 70s, like what the internet is doing now.

As members and alumni of the South Texas Youth Congress we respectfully request that you support passage of HB 3467 in the 84th Texas Legislative Session.

Respectfully Submitted by

South Texas Youth Congress

Proposal adopted by the

South Texas Youth Congress

27 June 2014.

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HR 1653 - by Representative 
Abel Herrero. 

Honoring the South Texas Youth Congress for its dedicated work and welcoming its members to the State Capitol. ...

HR 1653 adopted.          resolu.html

House Journal

April 8th, 2015

iSol Card used by STYC members during their visit to the State Capitol