The most southern part of Texas—the region from Corpus Christi, Laredo to the Rio Grande Valley is in rapid growth.

We believe that Texas ought to invest in a 'Pilot Initiative' hosted in this region. Which would include fourteen high schools to connect with fiber optics, and help lay the groundwork for other Texas high schools to connect.

On May 2015 a report in the Texas Monthly listed the top fifteen fastest growing economies in the United States. On the list are three cities from Hidalgo County.

The U.S. Census projects the population in year 2020 in South Texas to reach 2.5 million. Hidalgo County's population is estimated to be more than one million people.

The communications economy is emerging from the growth. The cities on the list see access to modern communication infrastructures as essential to the economy, health, and education.

This Texas region has two essential elements ready on-hand to connect high schools with fiber optics.

People are the first essential. It is the go of the entrepreneur, they make opportunity happen, create options to progress, they believe in the next generation. They are proud of their unique Texas heritage.

The second essential are fiber optic lines. They already exist near high schools. Communication giants are already working with local governments to bring super speed connections to business, health, and schools. What is missing are the means to connect. UT-RGV, for instance, has created a fiber optic ring—166 miles of fiber that encircles the Valley, and connects to the national backbone network. Laredo and Corpus Christi have similar options.

South Texas has lived last for a long time. Today the measurement is shifting. High school administrators, teachers, parents, students want to indeed join the 21st century. There is plenty of talk, much is written, efforts put forward to get the workforce up and ready.

Can it be a force and not be connected?

Schools already struggle to support the expense to connection to the internet, on a technology with speed restrictions and bandwidth limits. No bandwidth for the classroom to truly connect to the 21st century.

How much will it cost. Who is going to pay for it? What will the price be to stay in place and fall behind?

The public investment in SpaceX is an example of the possible. Imagine students on a field trip to visit the launch pad site—and continue the experience, explore and learn among classrooms connected to one another.

Respectfully submitted on behalf of South Texas Youth Congress members.

Dear Representative

85th Texas Legislative Session—2017

Students Online

Bill Proposal









iSol bill proposal addressed to:

State Senator Zaffirini

State Representative Martinez


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Fiber optics to link SpaceX-UTRGV

Principal Cissy Reynolds Perez

Gabriella Aviles

STYC President

Weslaco High School - Senior

Alyssa Valdez

STYC Vice President

Weslaco High School - Junior


SB 2123

HB 3813

Press Release


Rep. Armando Martinez

laying out HB 3813

Oct. 2016