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Texas Capitol

7-9 April 2015


A team of STYC members with Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott at the State Capitol promoting their proposal iSOL-HB 3467.

-Thursday Morning, 9 Apr 15-

First Lady’s Conference Room.

by Melissa del Bosque Published on Monday, April 13, 2015

Melissa del Bosque

South Texas High School Students Lobby for Change at Capitol

Chance Encounters

STYC members with Senator Lucio,

State Capitol south steps.

Sharing the latest on the Dreamers Act.

-Wednesday Morning, 8 Apr 15-

Corpus Christi Mayor Nelda Martinez

State Capitol waiting on the elevator.

-8 Apr 15-

State Representative Eddie Lucio III.

Capitol Grill.

-9 Apr 15-

I had the wonderful opportunity yesterday of rubbing shoulders with these amazing high school students from South Texas at the Texas State Capitol that belong to a group called the South Texas Youth Congress:
Among other things, they were lobbying for fiber optic capacity in South Texas, but they are also working toward helping to keep talented students in South Texas by providing them with the highest level of education possible through virtual interactive M.D., J.D., and Ph.D. programs.

Check out their website.


Angela Valenzuela and Yineli Carreon

Angela Valenzuela Facebook post, 10 Apr 15

Waiting to get in House Gallery

Beck Moeller

President Texas AFL-CIO

Sharing labor contributions to Texas.


Representative Herrero reading House Resolution recognizing STYC members. Representative Hunter and Martinez joining in.

Rep. Martinez on

filing HB 3467.

Rep. Alonzo (center) met with high school students Jenna Thompson, Juan Gonzalez, Gabby Aviles and Salma Guzman who are a part of the South Texas Youth Congress . The group was at the Capitol as a part of their civic participation where they talked to Rep. Alonzo about HB 3467, a measure which would bring live full motion video connection from MD Anderson to the Rio Grande Valley's new medical school. They shared how the effort would allow students like them to obtain the same level of post-graduate educational opportunities as their metropolitan peers.



June 11, 2015 Weslaco—STYC members met with State Representative Armando Martinez to discuss HB 3467. Representative Martinez shared how he was told by many of his colleagues that they were visited by STYC members and were impressed on how well they presented iSOL—HB 3467.

Also in discussion was a special request made to the Texas House Speaker to call an interim study committee on HB 3467 which would be conducted in South Texas in 2016. The interim Study Committee would prepare a report to the House Speaker prior to the 85th Texas Legislative Session which will convene

in 2017. The request went unanswered.

Yineli Carreon, Ashlei Levrier-Howell, Rep. Armando Martinez,

Alyssa Valdez and Gabriella Aviles.

Present not pictured: Weslaco HS Counselor Laura Villarreal,

and Mari Aviles, member Weslaco Chamber of Commerce.

Promoting iSOL—HB 3467

Sixteen South Texas high school students gathered in Austin 7-9 April 2015. All members of STYC.


In teams of 3 to 4 in each they visited 40 capitol offices, including all South Texas Representatives, members of education committees, House Speaker, Lt. Governor, and a scheduled visit with Texas First Lady, Cecilia Abbott.


Requesting certain members in the House floor to see them in the lobby.