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2nd Region Meet

Falfurrias High School

Falfurrias, Texas

15 Nov 14

Inaugural Session

Corpus Christi, Texas / 26-28 June 14

1st Region Meet

Del Mar College—West Campus

Corpus Christi, Texas

1 Feb 14

Inaugural Session

Planning Session

Social / Briefing

Out to Lunch

Dream Forward Dinner

2.1 Region Meet

Mercedes High School

Mercedes, Texas

24 Jan 15

Requesting certain members in the House floor to see STYC members in the lobby.


7-9 April, 2015

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STYC 1st Session

3rd Region Meet

Alice High School

Alice, Texas

21 Nov 15



3.1 Region Meet

Texas A&M University

Kingsville, Texas

23 Jan 16

Robert Bonilla   Sophie Susser    Jeromy Garza

               W.B.Ray HS                     Alice HS

20 Feb. 2016 - Sophie, Robert and Jeromy met at W.B. Ray HS to work through plans to move iSol forward.

Listing individuals to interview on the benefits of fiber optic connections in high school.

Work Meet

Corpus Christi

Hector Niqo, Jr.           Cesia Flores             Dena Shaath

    Gabby Aviles        Valerie Ramirez    Alyssa Valdez

Salma Guzman                  Jessica Garza

Trent Bruno not pictured

Weslaco HS


United HS—Laredo

   Marlie Gutierrez          Delisa Garcia

Zapata HS

Alice HS

      Aleksia Herrera                                            Jeromy Garza

Lidia Leal           Larissa Gonzalez

Juarez-Linclon HS

Photo forthcoming

Work Session Visits

26&27 February 2016

Round of visits with STYC members to

plan video interviews to advance iSol.